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Community safety

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have a Community Safety team covering the whole of Bedfordshire, and have staff based around the County. The team’s goal is to maximise the safety of our community by whatever means possible - reducing fire deaths, injuries and emergencies through Community Safety activities aligned to community needs and current levels of risk. We base our safety campaigns and risk reduction activity on community risk data that we collect on an on-going basis (we call this Customer Insight) to ensure that we help people most in need of support.

The Community Safety Team will use the Beds Fire Alert system to:

  • Send you safety messages such as a reminder to test your smoke alarms;
  • Let you know about Community Safety activities in your area, for example, local fire station events, community action days, safety roadshows and safety courses;
  • Inform you about local and national safety campaigns such as home fire safety, road safety, water safety, firework safety, electric blankets, Christmas fairy lights, etc.;
  • Invite you to participate in Community Safety related consultations.
Click on the below link to find out more about Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Community Safety activities:
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